The organizations that are fighting together with us against female genital mutilation, are listed on the right side. Click on the logos to find out more about the work of our STOP FGM NOW! partners and to help them.

To put an end to an injustice that has being carried out for more than 5,000 years, it requires a huge change of mentalities. FGM is a deeply-rooted tradition that cannot be stopped by legal regulations, but by the people themselves. Therefore, the alliance against FGM needs urgently your support for several different projects.

The most important Task is to create awareness among the populations, this in cooperation with the local authorities – village leaders, imams, pastor and teachers – and with the involvement of former circumcisers. It is also necessary, to grant the former circumcisers a small loan, to enable them to start a new profession. Other projects intend to help directly the girls and women who are at risk of being mutilated: this can involve basic education, especially for younger girls, based on the agreement that these girls will not be circumcised. Medical help is also provided in many cases.

In Germany, the efforts are primarily focused on emigrants and their families, but also on doctors, psychologists and social workers. FGM must lose its taboo status in order to give a stronger voice to those who believe in every woman's sacred right to physical and emotional integrity. In practice: The young girls need one counseling office where they can ask for help, if they find out that their families are planning to circumcise the younger sisters.

There has already been some successes. In some regions, after years of work, it could be announced the end of FGM. However, there is still a lot to do. The urgent need for your support is tangible: in Somalia, a mother-child clinic has been built but there are not enough funds to get it started. Elsewhere, money is required for plane tickets for the doctors and specialists who comes to visit and support the organizations several times a year. And in another location, a counseling centre needs urgently help because there is such a great demand for this services.

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