Officials in Uganda have revealed that more and more Sabiny girls are flocking to Kenya to get cut, as a result of the ban of FGM in July this year. Under the new law, offenders can face up to 10 years of prison, or a life sentence, if the victim dies on the consequences of the genital mutilation.

In Kenya, Sabiny girls are cut in maize plantations and are kept there at least for four days, to allow them to recover to some extent from the procedure. For this purpose, the Sabiny Families hire Kenyan surgeons. It has already happened, that Kenyan surgeons crossed the border to Uganda, to carry out the ritual secretly at night, for fear of being arrested.

As the local police doesn’t have the necessary means of transport to patrol rural areas, in order to inforce the new law, the government is appealing to parents and community leaders to unite in the fight against FGM, and warned medical personnel not to exercise the procedure.

The World Health Organization has shown already concern about the increase in the number of medical personnel carrying out the ritual illegaly.