Girls are at risk of Genital Mutilation in Italy

ROME - The president of the Italian Association of Women for Development (Aidos), Daniela Colombo, announced recently (27. September 2010) in a press conference organized in Rome by the organization “No Peace Without Justice”, that about 1,100 girls are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation in Italy.

Columbo stated that these worrying figures show us, that the immigration from developing countries where this ritual is practiced, was not accompanied by an integration of immigrants into Italian society.

According to the investigations of Piepoli Institute, Italy is the new home to nearly 110 000 women from countries where FGM is practiced, and there are around 35 000 immigrants who were victims of genital mutilation.

The president of the Senate of Italy, Emma Bonino, believes, that in the developed countries the problem is not the legislation, but rigorous integration, as the immigrant communities are very conservative when it comes to their own traditions.

According to Tiziana Zannini, the Ministry for Equal Opportunities, in Italy there are already 21 projects to be implemented by the government, with the purpose of creating awareness among the immigrants.

The practice of female genital mutilation affects approximately three million people each year worldwide. In countries such as Egypt, Sudan and Mali the rate is very high by more than 90%.

Written by Isabel Henriques